MERV 13 -16 V-Bank with Gasket
Typical Application:
• Commercial offices
• Universities / Schools
• Government Institutions
• Hotels and Entertainment complexes
• Clean manufacturing facilities
• Healthcare and analytical laboratories
• Pharmaceutical companies (MERV 15 & MERV 16)
• Hospitals and healthcare facilities (MERV 15 - MERV 16)

The C.Cloud™ V-Bank filter is a high efficient filter designed for commercial and HVAC installations.

• The C•Cloud™ V-Bank Filters MERV 15 & MERV 16 with Gasket meets the Facilities Guidelines Institutes (ANSI / ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2012) requirements for hospital and healthcare facilities.

C•Cloud™ V-Bank Filters have a long filter life due to their unique combination of electrets, depth-loading filtration media, precision pleat structure and high filter media area. These unique characteristics will also help distribute air flow and mass evenly.

C•Cloud™ V Bank Filters energy conservation is greater than or equal to other efficiency V-Bank filters in its category.

C•Cloud™ V Bank Filters have Easy-Installed seal gaskets in front and back to omit extra installation labor and reduce air bypass.

C•Cloud™ V Bank Filter lightweight frame feature makes it easier for transportation, handling, and installation.

C•Cloud™ V-Bank Filters are 100% synthetic to avoid moisture and humidity. They are corrosion free filters that will not support the growth of mold.

C•Cloud™ V-Bank Filters are 100% metal free and can be fully incinerated.

C•Cloud™ V-Bank Filters meet UL 900 flammability rating (US) and ULC-S111 rating (Canada).